Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Wildcat Slim Covers Morphine and Bob Marley

Photo via Facebook

Back in October, Lowell, MA's Wildcat Slim released the excellent Smorgasbord. If you bought the CD or the Bandcamp download you would have been treated to two bonus tracks (ah... bonus tracks...) which are available today apart from the album. Both are covers, the first being a cover of Morphine's "Buena." For the cover, vocals are provided by drummer Savannah Marshall and baritone sax was played by Matt Bailin, because you need sax if you'e going to cover the legendary Morphine. The cover nails the low rock vibe of the original, but injects a little bit more joy into the song. The second bonus track is a cover of Bob Marley's "The Real Situation." Wildcat Slim transfer the reggae classic into a little bit more of a rollicking country rocker, complete with killer guitar solos. It's always fun to see a band reinvent an iconic song like this, and Wildcat Slim deliver.

You can listen to Wildcat Slim's covers of "Buena" and "The Real Situation" below. For more on Wildcat Slim, check out the band on Facebook and Instagram.

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