Monday, January 9, 2023

Hooked Like Helen Covers Tori Amos

Photo by Rat Majesty

Tori Amos covers seem few and far between. Maybe it's intimidating to cover such an iconic and revered artist, or maybe musicians are just hesitant to make any changes to her songs. Hooked Like Helen have taken on Amos' beloved "Winter," and the Ohio based husband/wife duo have done an amazing job. They decided not to fix what isn't broken and delivered a very true to the original cover. Hooked Like Helen went slightly more modern pop than the original, but not by much. As vocalist Nikki Stipp says of the cover, “With the piano in place, we wanted to bring a modern feel to the vocal delivery." Is a gorgeous cover of a gorgeous song that pays homage to the original while slightly updating it.

You can watch the video for Hooked Like Helen's cover of "Winter" below. For more on Hooked Like Helen, check out their website.

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