Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Neutral Milk Hotel - "Little Birds"

Photo courtesy of Neutral Milk Hotel

There is a finite amount of Neutral Milk Hotel music out there, so anytime we can hear something "new," we're going to rejoice. "Little Birds" was never officially released. It was played once at a friend of Jeff Magnum's party in 1998, but that recording has been circulating online. The song was inspired by a group of five or six people who confronted a preacher spewing hate towards LGBTQ people on the streets of Athens, GA until the preacher left. Since this is a 1998 recording, this is pure vintage Neutral Milk Hotel, and if you've been a fan for any length of time, getting an official release for this is an absolute treat.

You can listen to "Little Birds" below. The song will be included on The Collected Works of Neutral Milk Hotel, which will be out February 24 on Merge Records. The set can be pre-ordered here. A track listing is below the song.

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea1. King of the Carrot Flowers Pt. 12. King of Carrot Flowers Pts. 2 & 33. In The Aeroplane Over the Sea4. Two-Headed Boy5. Fool6. Holland, 19457. Communist Daughter8. Oh Comely9. Ghost10. [untitled]11. Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2 On Avery Island1. Song Against Sex2. You’ve Passed3. Someone Is Waiting4. A Baby for Pree5. Marching Theme6. Where You’ll Find Me Now7. Avery Island/April 1st8. Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone9. Three Peaches10. Naomi11. April 8th12. Pree-Sisters Swallowing a Donkey’s Eye Ferris Wheel On Fire1. Oh Sister (1995)2. Ferris Wheel On Fire (1993)3. Home (1992)4. April 8th (1992)5. I Will Bury You in Time (1994)6. Engine (1993)7. A Baby for Pree/Glow Into You (1995)8. My Dream Girl Don’t Exist (Live) [1992] Everything Is1. Everything Is2. Here We Are (For W. Cullen Hart)3. Unborn4. Tuesday Moon5. Ruby Bulb6. Snow Song7. Aunt Eggma Blow Torch Little Birds1. Little Birds (Live) [1998]2. Little Birds (Studio Demo) [1998] You’ve Passed / Where You’ll Find Me Now1. You’ve Passed (Alternate Version)2. Where You’ll Find Me Now (Alternate Version) Live at Jittery Joe’s1. Intro2. A Baby for Pree3. Two-Headed Boy4. I Will Bury You in Time5. Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone6. Two-Headed Boy Pt. 27. I Love How You Love Me8. Engine9. Naomi10. King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 211. King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 312. Oh Comely

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