Friday, March 17, 2023

Anareta - "Black Snake"

Our favorite orchestral doom metal band out of New Orleans is back with a new single. On "Black Snake," Anareta is not messing around. It just blasts with the heaviness as soon as the song starts. It's a screamy and thrashy masterpiece, and then the noise retreats and leaves just the strings. "Black Snake" then turns into this gorgeous, lush, and stripped down nearly classical piece of just strings and music. This goes on for much longer than expected, and the metal only slowly moves back in. But move back in it does, and with an absolute vengeance. "Black Snake" is the rare eleven minute metal song that will have you desiring more.

Anareta says of their new song:

"'Black Snake' is a recognition of the horrific and destructive forces of the oil industry and the commercial infrastructures that are imposed on our lands and across our waterways. The title stems from a Lakota prophecy of a black snake that would cross the land causing destruction and poisoning waters, and was widely used during the Dakota Access Pipeline protests to refer to the toxic contamination that oil pipelines produce across our land. These issues are not isolated, but global, as industry everywhere continues to contaminate and compromise our natural resources. This song is about water. Water is life, and through water everything is connected. With rage and grief we recognize what we have lost as water turns black."

You can watch the video for "Black Snake" below. Fear Not is due out April 8. For more on Anareta, check out the band on Facebook.

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