Thursday, March 9, 2023

Kool Keith and Real Bad Man featuring Slug and Ice-T - "Fire & Ice"

For his latest collaborative album, Real Bad Man has teamed up with the legendary Kool Keith. Just in case new music from Kool Keith wasn't enough to get excited about, the duo have brought in Slug of Atmosphere and hip hop icon Ice-T. Even if you're unfamiliar with Real Bad Man, any fan of hip hop is going to be blown away by Kool Keith, Ice-T, and Slug on any song. With that pedigree of rap royalty, expectations are going to be unbelievably high for "Fire & Ice." Not surprisingly, they are met, and this is a killer hip hop song. Once you hear this new song, you're going to have a hard time waiting on the full album.

Kool Keith says of the new song:

Real Bad Man sent the beat and I heard sound dynamic crystals in the mix, they were ice cold, but hot like fire at the same time. You ever love something dark and evil? This right here is it.”

You can listen to "Fire & Ice" below. Serpent is due out March 24. For more on Real Bad Man, check him out on Instagram. Keith Keith can be found on Instagram here.

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