Thursday, March 9, 2023

Mediocre - "Pop Song Baby"

Photo by Ginger Port

I might have such a fondness for Mediocre because they might be the only band that started out in Los Angeles and moved to Boston. The queer rock duo have released a new song, "Pop Song Baby," that is and isn't a true pop song. The new track is a bouncy and cheery rock song that dances right on the line of the two genres, but has just enough of an edge to keep it on the rock side. Although "Pop Song Baby" sounds like a track released in 2023, it's the offspring of that great period of the mid to late 90's where alternative rock started experimenting with pop, although we never would have admitted it at the time. There is a bunch of the DNA of bands like Letters to Cleo, Belly, Veruca Salt, etc. in this song.

Mediocre says of their new song:

“We wanted to write a song that our teenage selves would blast in our bedrooms. As femme musicians growing up in a predominantly male music scene, we pulled from our frustrations of being underestimated and pigeon-holed into certain archetypes. This song and video explores those pressures.”

You can watch the video for "Pop Song Baby" below. To Know You're Screwed is due out April 7 on Dangerbird Records. For more on Mediocre, check them out on Instagram and Twitter.

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