Monday, March 20, 2023

The P.A.'s - Halberd

The P.A.'s are one of those wonderfully hard to define bands. The Lowell based group has just released a new four song EP, Halberd. The longest tack on the release is the first, "Heist Arp." This is a four minute instrumental track that deviates from the standard noise punk we know from The P.A.'s, and is instead a synth heavy song reminiscent of the It Follows soundtrack. From there we get more typical P.A.'s music with "Stolen Halberd," although this one has a little bit more of an almost pop song structure but is also kind sounds like horror punk meets noise punk. That sound permeates the next song, "Red Visions," which is a giant, psychedelic song that incorporates some metal elements and is guaranteed to blow your face back. 

You can listen to "Red Visions" below. For more on The P.A.'s, check them out on Instagram.

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