Monday, March 27, 2023

Sapling - "11:37"

Massachusetts' premier bitch pop and art rock band Sapling have returned with a brand new single. "11:37" was written immediately following the death of Foo Fighters' drummer Taylor Hawkins, who was a major influence on Sapling bass player and vocalist Rainy. A quiet ballad wouldn't be a fitting tribute, and "11:37" is not a quiet song. It's a little more restrained than some of Sapling's previous offerings, but this is a song built from heartache and is equally mournful and frustrated. Despite the volume, it's an oddly beautiful song that seems to venture more into the world of prog-rock than we're used to from Sapling.

In a Facebook post, Rainy says of the new song:

"11:37 has been a sacred and synchronistic number for me for some time now and I realized that the first time I saw Taylor play live was when he still played for Alanis Morrisette in 1996. I was 11. Of course, I was 37 last year when he passed.
"I sat down and started writing this song a year ago in tears and I found it interesting, inspiring, sad, and comforting to see how many of Taylor's favorite musicians- to whom he'd never dare compare himself, always humble- paid tribute to him. Make your idols cry."

You can listen to "11:37" below. amor fati is due out May 7 on Sleazy Within Reason Records. For more on Sapling, check out the band's website. If you'd like to see Sapling live (and you do!), you can see them at The Stone Church in Brattleboro, VT on 3/31, Charlie's Kitchen in Cambridge, MA on 4/3, and their album release party at Starlite in Southbridge on 5/7.

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