Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Astral Bitch - "You've Got it Wrong"

The latest single from Astral Bitch doesn't start out grunge at all despite their Bandcamp bio listing them as "Grunge darlings with riff rock tendencies." "You've Got it Wrong" didn't sound very grunge to me at first. It starts off more like the ethereal slowcore of Mazzy Star mixed with the rock stylings of Veruca Salt. It's a great sound, but not quite grunge. And then the loud part kicks in with  sledgehammer sludge guitars and killer screamed vocals from singer Sam Coren. The Boston band sounds like a combination of L7 and Nirvana before swinging between the two styles in one of the better loud/quiet/loud moments around. This is a great debut single from a band we're hoping to hear a lot more from!

You can listen to "You've Got it Wrong" below. The song is available as a free download via Bandcamp. For more on Astral Bitch, check out the band on Facebook and Instagram.

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