Thursday, March 30, 2023

Bad Optix - "Raid"

Photo by Lisa Johnson

This one is a Big Deal(TM). We all desperately want an Operation Ivy reunion, and we seemed to be just a step or two away back in February of last year when Jesse Michaels joined Tim Armstrong on stage for a rendition of the punk legends' iconic song "Sound System." We're not quite there yet, but the pair have formed a new band, Bad Optix. They've released a new single, and it's spectacular. Even if it wasn't a project featuring Jesse Michaels and Tim Armstrong, "Raid" would be considered a great song. It's a laid back but down and dirty ska song. At this point, they definitely can afford to make a shiny and clean song in a fancy studio, so the aesthetic choice to make this sound like an older recording is perfect. I can't imagine any fans of Operation Ivy, Rancid, or any other associated projects aren't going to adore this song.

You can listen to "Raid" below. The single is out now via Hellcat Records Singles Club, and can be found here. Let's hope this is just the beginning... 

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