Thursday, March 16, 2023

Shelly Fairchild & Shamir Cover Loretta Lynn

Nashville's Shelly Fairchild is an admirer and friend of the Lynn family, so she was deeply affected by Loretta Lynn's passing last year. She was on her way to Blackbird Studios when she received a text that Lynn passed away. As a tribute to the fallen legend, she asked Shamir to join her on a cover of "Fist City." The two recorded a perfect tribute, and it's a spot on cover with just a little bit of updating. If it was recorded to any other reason, it would be an absolute blast of a cover, which just shows that Fairchild and Shamir perfectly captured the spirit of the original.

Shamir says of Loretta Lynn and the cover of "Fist City":

"The music of Loretta Lynn has always been a source of comfort. My love of country first began when I got my first radio when I was 9 years old. Every Sunday morning my local country station would play classic country and oldies, of course Loretta's music was frequently played. The cherry on top of it all was being able to shoot in Hurricane Mills - it was incredible to see all her awards and collectibles."

You can watch the video for Shelly Fairchild and Shamir's cover of "Fist City" below. The single is available now via Kill Rock Stars, and can be found here. For more on Shelly Fairchild, check out the artist's website. For more on Shamir, check him out on Instagram.

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