Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Lauren Early - "Good Girl Bad Boy"

Photo by Cheryl Georgette

You might know Lauren Early from her time touring in Girlpool and Surf Curse, but now the Los Angeles based artist is set to release her debut solo album. Her first single, "Good Girl Bad Boy," has this great slightly polished DIY sound to it. It reminds me of early Colleen Green, but in a more produced version. Early has a great slacker drone to her vocals that isn't usually heard outside of Gen-X, and the music has a more modern indie rock with a side of pop sound. It's a fun song that is going to suck a lot of our readers in, and will have you wanting to dive into the world of Lauren Early ASAP.

Lauren Early says of her new single:

"'Good Girl Bad Boy' was a total breakthrough for me. Its first iteration was a sad country song. Then one day I was meditating on this simple pop-punk guitar part, and the old country song poured out into this version, and it just felt like...a hit. Lyrically, it’s about the pain of love. The term 'good girl bad boy' is a good description of me. I think I’m a very empathetic and considerate person, and at the same time I’m very assertive, impatient, and fiery. It’s a weird and sometimes difficult pair to balance. The phrase is more emotional and not necessarily supposed to be, like, a queer anthem, but I like that it accidentally is that too."

You can watch the video for "Good Girl Bad Boy" below. Don't Take My Dream Away is due out May 19 on Danger Collective Records. For more on Lauren Early, check out the artist on Bandcamp and Instagram.

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