Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Cape Crush - "Sandwich Wars"

Cape Crush is your new favorite North Shore based power pop/emo band. The quartet's latest single, "Sandwich Wars," puts them much more into the power pop category. At times it ends up being a little more pop, but the band keeps just enough pounding drums and emo tuned guitar solos to keep it rooted in rock. This is the kind of song that is going to win over even the biggest music snob with its charm and just ridiculous level of catchiness. As huge as "Sandwich Wars" sounds, it still feels like an intimate, personal song. Plus, it's just a fun song to sing along to after a few listens.

Vocalist Ali Lipman says of the new song:

"'Sandwich Wars' is an emo pop anthem I wrote about not apologizing for yourself. I wrote it from the point of view of giving advice to a younger version of yourself. It was inspired by the advice of my former roommate Chelsea who left earth too soon about not being so quick to blame yourself. Our house was called Club Sammich, which is where the Sandwich Wars title comes from. It's got some personal imagery in, but hopefully it conveys that your mistakes don't define the person you become. I think Sandwich Wars is the band's favorite song on the EP. This came together as a full band song with James really driving home the riffs and all those little musical moments that keep you listening (like the car crash), Jake's bass and backing vocals in the last chorus, and Cody's energetic beats. We love playing this one and we hope people enjoy listening!"

You can listen to "Sandwich Wars" below. San Souci is due out April 14 and can be pre-saved here. For more on Cape Crush, check out the band on Instagram. They are also playing April 8 at Koto and April 19 at ChagallPAC, both in Salem, MA.

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