Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Kate Redgate - "Fools, Drunks & Liars"

Photo by Darielle Rose

Kate Redgate started out in the midwest, but is now based in New England. The twenty-five plus year musical veteran has a new single out that highlights her unique blend of rock, folk, and country. "Fools, Drunks & Liars" is one of those songs that is so close to being a mainstream pop/rock song, but just doesn't quite cross the line into being fully mainstream. That's not to say that your normie co-workers aren't going to enjoy Redgate's music. "Fools, Drunks & Liars" has that kind of sound that should appeal to virtually everyone. But Redgate dances by the mainstream without fully dipping in. This song reminds me of Lucinda Williams' more rock side, but with less of a twang and more gravel in Redgate's vocals.

You can listen to "Fools, Drunks & Liars" below. Light Under the Door is due out June 1 on Rum Bar Records. For more on Kate Redgate, check out the artist's website.

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