Friday, April 28, 2023

Kool Keith - "Black Elvis 2 (Intro)"

Way back in 1999, Kool Keith released one his most iconic albums Black Elvis/Lost in Space. Now, twenty-four years later, he's revisiting that persona with a new album. In true Kool Keith fashion, the first single is the minute long intro track for the album, "Black Elvis 2 (Intro)." Of course, Kool Keith is the rare artist that can make an intro song good enough to be a single. While most intro songs are throwaways, "Black Elvis 2 (Intro)" is great, just short. It certainly doesn't hurt that the song is produced by If It's Too Loud... favorite L'Orange who adds his trademark throwback to classic hip hop while still looking forward sound to the track. As with any of his releases, Black Elvis 2 is going to be high on everyone's must listen list this year.

You can listen to "Black Elvis 2 (Intro)" below. Black Elvis 2 is due out June 16 on Mello Music Group, and is available for pre-order here. For more on Kool Keith, check out the artist on Twitter and Instagram.

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