Monday, April 24, 2023

The Cavves - "Guest Bedroom"

Self-described purveyors of "land-locked surf music", Wichita's The Cavves have released a new single that might just be perfect for the warmer weather. "Guest Bedroom" has this light and breezy sound you don't typically hear in indie rock. Singer Sophie Emerson has this fantastic slacker vibe to her sound like a modern day Liz Phair. The "land-locked surf music" sound is mostly in the guitar, but it's this bizarre-more-indie-rock-but-probably-sounds-like-trying-to-surf-in-Kansas sound that doesn't really sound like anything you've heard before. There's the slightest twang to it, but nowhere near enough to be even remotely country. "Guest Bedroom" is a laid back song, but it has this unexpected energy to it that is going to suck you in.

You can listen to "Guest Bedroom" below. Settle Down in a Guest Bedroom is due out May 19 via Midtopia. For more on The Cavves, check out the band on Facebook and Instagram.

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