Friday, April 7, 2023

Laveda - "Clean"

New York City's Laveda are making almost painfully intimate music that still gets compared to dream pop and shoegaze artists. The duo's new single, "Clean," isn't much more than vocals and guitar for the majority of the song. It's an intensely intimate song that is going to draw comparisons to artists like Phoebe Bridgers. You almost feel like you're listening to something you shouldn't with Ali Genevich's hushed vocals. It's an absolutely gorgeous song that has that same lush quality you get with your favorite songs from The Sundays. "Clean" is intimate, but can also feel big at times and almost sweeps you away at the end without altering what you've come to adore about the song.

Ali Genevich says of the band's upcoming album:

”'A Place You Grew Up In' is like a time-capsule in my memory. 2020 and 2021 felt like adulthood had crawled out from a dark cave somewhere in the woods to slowly flood my mind with 24/7 anxieties. It began with the pandemic, then Jake’s mom who had been battling stage four cancer got worse. She passed on New Year’s Day 2021. There was a lot of grief paired with drinking. Many days felt monotonous, though some were filled with writing and demoing.” 

You can listen to "Clean" below. A Place You Grew Up In is due out April 14 on Papercup Music. For more on Laveda, check out the band's website.

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