Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Washer - "Not Like You"

Washer have released a new single that is going to work for a very specific slice of 90's indie rock fandom. "Not Like You" is a ninety-seven second sprint of a song that sounds like early Sebadoh mixed with late 90's Sebadoh, but with better, more modern production. It's a little more rootsy sounding than Sebadoh, but also has a but of Jason Lowenstein's heavier songs mixed in. That's not all to say that Washer has just ripped off Sebadoh on this track. The duo still sound like they're doing their own thing, but there are some qualities of our 90's indie rock gods on "Not Like You." 

Mike Quigley (vocals/guitar/bass) says of the band's upcoming album:

“The album is, in many ways, me venting frustrations around the drive to make things and the idea that we choose what has meaning in our lives, We have the capacity to change what’s wrong. We try, maybe, and some things progress. But it’s not helping. We don’t know how to process grief, or we’re following tangents instead of the root problems. 'Not Like You' is sort of a reflection on making changes in your life, from the viewpoint of the part of you that is reluctant to change. That part has expectations of failure and is afraid of what will come, and so there can be this real anger directed at the positive shit in your life. Brains are dumb."

You can watch the video for "Not Like You" below. Improved Means to Deteriorated Ends is due out April 28 on Exploding In Sound. For more on Washer, check out the band on Facebook and Instagram. Upcoming tour dates are below the video.

04/15 - Philadelphia, PA @ Tin Can Bar w/ Goshupon05/04 - Brooklyn, NY @ Purgatory w/ Paper Bee, Raisalka, Bummer Camp05/05 - Worcester, MA  @ Distant Castle w/ Paper Bee, Big Mess05/06 - Highland Park, NJ @ Pino's w/ Paper Bee, Civic Mimic, Teen Idle05/07 - Philadelphia, PA @ Planet Earth w/ Paper Bee, Jack Tomascak's Future Interior 

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