Thursday, April 6, 2023

CHAI - "We the Female!"

CHAI have been around for a while now, but they just haven't worked for me previously. But "We the Female!" suddenly makes everything click. I can't tell if this new song changes up the Japanese quartet's sound enough to appeal to a snobby middle aged man's taste, but probably not. I think their blend of anthemic dance jams finally clicked for me. Sometimes it just works that way, but "We the Female!" is a great song. It's definitely a pop song, and is so proudly. (We can call it alt-pop since it's not exactly a mainstream or Top 40 style sone, but it's pure pop.) I'm thrilled I was finally able to get over myself and have some major catching up to do with CHAI's back catalog. 

Bassist/lyricist YUUKI says of the new song:

“We are human and were born as female, but we have both female and male aspects in each of our souls, each with our own sense of balance.  We can't just label ourselves into clear-cut, simple categories anymore! I'm not anyone else but just ‘me,’ and you are no one else but just ‘you.’ This song celebrates that with a roar! Yooooooooo!!”

You can watch the video for "We the Female!" below. For more on CHAI, check out the band's website.

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