Friday, April 7, 2023

Laura Reznek - "Open Season"

Photo by Lucy Richards

Laura Reznek's music is described as folk noir, and once you listen to "Open Season" you'll understand why. The new song has a dark vibe to it that you don't typically get with folk this mainstream. Typically darker folk fits into the Southern Gothic category, but "Open Season" is more folk pop. What helps make the song more interesting is that it's right up on the edge of mainstream folk pop, but there's a darkness just slightly holding it back. There's some crossover appeal with Renzek's song, but only if you can tolerate a bit of a downer with your music.

Laura Reznek says of her new song:

I wrote this one after a creative drought. A friend and I had a heated discussion about misogyny within the media, and I felt weary about how women have always been held to unrealistic standards. My friend used the term Open Season - a period when all restrictions on hunting are abandoned - to describe what we were discussing. This sparked a barrage of memories of aggressions and microaggressions I've experienced over the course of my life - ones that I know are all too commonly experienced.

You can watch the video for "Open Season" below. Leap Year is due out May 3 on Birthday Cake Records. For more on Laura Reznek, check out the artist's website.

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