Tuesday, April 4, 2023

VirgoTwins - "Othello's Children in the 'New World'"


MC Gilead7 of Chicago's Tomorrow Kings has joined up with producer Boricua Sandy to form VirgoTwins. The duo's new single, "Othello's Children in the 'New World,'" is a slice of early 00's underground hip hop. The song has menacing production by Boricua Sandy despite how laid back the song is, but the focus of the track is Gilead7's flow and lyrics. He plays two roles in the song: Both are tenured professors at Harvard, one is trying to keep the skeletons of the colonial past secret while the other wants to reveal the secrets. This is obviously not your typical hip hop track, and not your typical artists. VirgoTwins have crafted a brilliant and foreboding new song that you're going to need to check out.

You can watch the video for "Othello's Children in the 'New World'" below. ArtSpace is due out April 21 on Damn That Noise/Expanded-Art Records. For more on Gilead7, check out the artist on Instagram. Boricua Sandy's Instagram can be found here.

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