Tuesday, April 4, 2023

JFA - "Stage Dive"

JFA are an OG skate punk band that formed in 1981. They have a brand new single out that also represents a collaboration with punk photo historian Ed Colver. The video for their new single, "Stage Dive," is made up (mostly) of photos taken by Colver at punk shows in the early 80's. It's mostly crowd shots of punks moshing and stage diving. Just for the historical aspect, "Stage Dive" is a killer artifact. Luckily, the song is pretty great all on its own. While just about every single one of JFA's peers have slowed down to at least half speed and are more about melody these days, "Stage Dive" sounds like it could have been straight from 1983... just with much better production.

Brian Brannon (lead vocals) says of the collaboration with Ed Colver:

“Ed Colver was and remains a legend unto himself when it comes to capturing the very essence of hardcore punk in action, and we are beyond stoked he opened up his archives for this project."

You can watch the video for "Stage Dive" below. The Last Ride is due out June 9 on DC Jam Records. For more on JFA, check out the band's website.

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