Monday, April 10, 2023

Weekend Recovery - "No Guts, All the Glory"

Photo by Jess Johnson

Sheffield, England's Weekend Recovery are back with a new single that combines garage rock, punk, and indie pop. "No Guts, All the Glory" is a fuzzed out track that sounds like early Arctic Monkeys mixed with The White Stripes. The song has the polish and the rollicking vibe of Artic Monkeys but the edge and sorta retro feel of The White Stripes (or maybe more Jack White's solo work?) It's dripping with edge and attitude while still having the polish to almost be a pop song. "No Guts, All the Glory" is a groovy, hard-edged rocker that is catchy enough to pull off being a crossover hit. This is a fun one, so buckle up and enjoy yourself!

You can watch the video for "No Guts, All the Glory" below. The single is out now on Criminal Records. For more on Weekend Recovery, check out the artist's website.

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