Thursday, September 20, 2018

Hero Fisher - "If I Die and Nothing Happens"

It's becoming my own personal little cliche, but every time Hero Fisher releases new music I feel the need to reiterate my disdain for current pop music and my surprise at how much I like her latest release. "If I Die and Nothing Happens" will continue that trend, but I'm starting to realize why I like Fisher's music so much. Sure, it's pop music in 2018, but if this was twenty years ago this would be breaking out of the MTV Buzz Bin. This song has much more in common with Poe, Ruby, and Tori Amos's more electronic experiments in the late 90's than it does to Ariana Grande or Meghan Trainor. And, for me at least, that's a very good thing. You can tell right from the name "If I Die and Nothing Happens" is a dark song. Despite this, it's still upbeat with gorgeous moments. And you can dance to it.

You can listen to "If I Die and Nothing Happens" below. Hero Fisher's second album, Glue Moon, should be released sometime before the end of the year, although there is no official date yet. For more on Hero Fisher, check out her website.

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