Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Nikkie McLeod - "Quarrel"

Photo by Liz Maney
The second single from Nikkie McLeod's upcoming EP is a more traditionally structured song than her first, "Deep Cry," was. "Quarrel" moves towards more familiar instrumentation for mainstream American listeners, but there is still plenty of originality for us all. McLeod constructs a song that starts off as a laid back singer/songwriter track, but that simmers with this undefined intensity right below the surface. That lasts for almost four minutes, and then the song restarts as an almost orchestral song. It's an over six minute song that feels both familiar and experimental.

You can listen to "Quarrel" below. Nikkie McLeod's new EP, also called Quarrel, will be out on October 30. For more on Nikkie McLeod, be sure to check out their Facebook.

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  1. Thank you for continuing to share Nikkie McLeod's music - love it!