Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Dusty Stray - "You Couldn't Wait to See Me Cry"

When you see that there's an artist named Dusty Stray performing a song called "You Couldn't Wait to See Me Cry," you know exactly what you're going to get: A downtrodden country song about heartbreak. And you'd almost be right. That's how Dusty Stray started the song off, but slowly it evolved into a more angry "synth-folk" song. I had never heard of anything that could be called synth-folk before this song, but that might be one of the better song descriptions I've heard in ages. It's a great ever so slight change to a classic genre that works magnificently.

You can listen to "You Couldn't Wait to See Me Cry" below. Estranged, the new album from Dusty Stray, will be out October 12 on Great Waters. For more on Dusty Stray, check out his website.

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