Thursday, September 27, 2018

Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers - "Apocalypse Now (& Later)"

I was a bit skeptical when I saw that Laura Jane Grace's solo project, Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers, was releasing a new album on Bloodshot Records. Bloodshot Records is the home of Lydia Loveless, Sarah Shook & The Disarmers, Banditos, etc, and I wasn't sure how Laura Jane Grace would fit on that label. With "Apocalypse Now (& Later)," she fits in perfectly. The new song isn't fully punk and it isn't fully country or folk, but neither is anyone else on that label. "Apocalypse Now (& Later)" is very reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen. It melds together the two sides of Springsteen (the bombastic classic rock anthems of "Born in the USA" and "Born to Run" with the folk/protest singer of Nebraska. And, seriously... is there anything else that anyone wants besides that?

You can listen to "Apocalypse Now (& Later)" below. Bought to Rot, the new album from Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers, will be out November 9 on Bloodshot Records. You can pre-order the album on Bandcamp. For more on Laura Jane Grace, follow her on Twitter.