Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Megan Airlie - "Mother Whale"

We've been loving this stream of singles being released by Scotland's Megan Airlie. While each song fits into this little sound she's crafted for herself, each single has its own sound. "Mother Whale" is the latest, and it is somehow both her most mainstream and quirkiest song yet. Her jazzy side is showcased the most (so far) in the new song, but there is also a stronger soul sound present. She also has an almost minimalist sensibility, which doesn't usually fit jazz or soul. Instead the focus is on vocals, both Airlie's and backing. It gives the song a slight folk feel. "Mother Whale" is both unique and familiar.

You can listen to "Mother Whale" below. The song is available now on Bandcamp via Bloc Music Records. For more on Megan Airlie, be sure to check out her website.

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