Friday, September 14, 2018

The I Want You - "Some Psychics"

Just five months after their latest release (April's All Beat Up), Boston's The I Want You are back with a new EP and video. "Some Psychics" keeps the power pop sound that we love from The I Want You, but it's not the typical 70's power pop sound most people go for. This one is pure early 80's power pop. The video intentionally looks like early MTV, and as far as the song itself goes, think of a dirty sounding Elvis Costello. It sounds sleazy the way tv shows like Three's Company look sleazy now. The song is about various types of psychic power and figuring out if the powers come from the head or the heart. 

You can watch the video for "Some Psychics" below. Some Psychics, the EP, will be available tomorrow, September 15. (I guess no one told them about Fridays being global release days?) You can get it on the band's Bandcamp. For more on The I Want You, check out their website. If you happen to be in the Boston area, they're playing on the 15th at Sally O'Brien's with The Ghost Truckers and The Ramp Ups.

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