Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Jeff Tweedy - "Some Birds"

Photo by Whitten Sabbatini
We're at the point with Jeff Tweedy that you already know if you're going to like any new music he puts out. Personally, I truly enjoy the vast majority of his recent output, and I know Jeff enjoys it much less than I do. "Some Birds" isn't going to bring any lapsed fans back onto the Wilco/Tweedy bandwagon. It's pretty standard Jeff Tweedy material, in that it's definitely based in American roots music but, of course, strays ever so slightly off path into semi-experimental territory. You can tell an artist's true importance when a critique of their new output is that it won't change your life. "Some Birds" won't change your life, but there is plenty for you to like if you give it a shot.

You can watch the video for "Some Birds" below. Jeff Tweedy's new solo album, WARM, will be out November 30 on dBpm Records. You can pre-order your copy here. For more on what Jeff Tweedy is up to, check out Wilco's website

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