Thursday, March 21, 2019

Quelle Chris - "Obamacare"

Now this is what I want from hip hop. "Obamacare," the latest track from Quelle Chris's upcoming album Guns, starts off with a burst of bizarre almost industrial sounding noise that would sound more at home in a Sonic Youth song than your average hip hop song. From there the song gets a bit more tuneful, but there is this odd quality to the beat that isn't completely comfortable. As someone who's favorite rap group is Public Enemy, this is a type of sound I've missed for far too long.

You can watch the video for "Obamacare" below. And you really should watch it. Chris says about the video: 

“Like most of my visuals I try to find the place where proper pairing and a good excuse to try my hand at something I always loved as a kid meet. The video for Obamacare is an homage to many of my favorite PBS, Sesame Street shorts with a touch of Terry Gilliam (and I mean a drip. Trust me I know my place. Lol). It’s one of my favorite songs on the album so I figured doing collage work in the style of my favorite era of animation was fitting. About 95% of the video was taken from the pages of archived magazines. Next video will likely be animatronics if this trend continues.” 

Guns, the new album from Quelle Chris, will be out March 29 on Mello Music Group. You can pre-order a copy here. For more on Quelle Chris, check out his Twitter.

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