Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Reese McHenry - "Bye Bye Baby"

If you were as enamored with Reese McHenry's first single off her upcoming album as we were, just wait until you hear the follow up, "Bye Bye Baby." The new song is another firey garage rock anthem. I think that's what we're always going to get with McHenry. But, while her voice was front and center in "Detroit," "Bye Bye Baby" sees it take a bit of a backseat to the bouncy, fuzzy, almost twangy guitars. Of course, with a voice like McHenry's it's impossible to take away from it completely. But if you want killer garage rock, Reese McHenry is exactly what you're always going to need.

You can listen to "By Bye Baby" below. No Dados, the new album from Reese McHenry, will be out April 12 on Suah Sounds. For more on Reese McHenry, check out her website.

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