Monday, March 4, 2019

The Suitcase Junket - "Everything I Like"

Amhert, MA's one man garage rock band The Suitcase Junket is back with an upcoming album. His latest single, "Everything I Like," is an ode to touring across the country. "Everything I like happens at night is as true a statement about life on the road as I could think up," says Matt Lorenz (aka The Suitcase Junket). "The days can be a long tedious slog, filled with the bizarre static intensity of driving the food desert that is our interstate highway system, but the nights can be so transcendent that all of the crap that filled your day melts away in the alchemy of a lit up stage and a crowd engaged. Then somebody steals your van. That's the way it goes."

The song is a garage/folk bouncy party anthem with some Dinosaur Jr guitar weaved in from time to time. It's an absurdly fun song, and has a far more mainstream appeal than I'm sure I've made it sound. That's the great secret with The Suitcase Junket: Lorenz makes music that's mainstream enough to appeal to college kids up through your in-laws, but interesting enough to even appeal to us music snobs.

You can watch the video for "Everything I Like" below. Mean Dog, Trampoline, the upcoming album from The Suitcase Junket, will be out April 5 on Signature Sounds Recordings. For more on The Suitcase Junket, check out his website.

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