Friday, March 22, 2019

Jonas Friddle - "Drinking in a Dry Town"

When you see a song is titled "Drinking in a Dry Town," you can be assured it's going to be country. And Jonas Friddle's song by that name definitely is. "Drinking in a Dry Town" is a quiet, stripped down modern country/folk song. The focus of the song is Friddle's vocals and guitar, with drums, bass, keys, and fiddle. I only mention the instruments because even with four additional instruments, the song still feels almost painfully intimate. "Drinking in a Dry Town" fits more on the mainstream side of the current folk/Americana spectrum of music, but sometimes when it's done as perfectly as this is, that's hardly a bad thing.

You can listen to "Drinking in a Dry Town" below. The Last Place to Go, the upcoming album from Jonas Friddle, will be out on April 12. For more on Jonas Friddle, check out his website.

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