Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Get Ahead - "Deepest Light"

Hailing from Portland, OR, The Get Ahead have combined a few roots-based genres into a cohesive sound. "Deepest Light" is a very groovy, dance friendly Americana/folk/soul song. Just for good measure, they also packed some R&B and maybe even some disco in there. This could be a mess, but The Get Ahead pull it off impeccably. "Deepest Light" is the rare dance track that stays organic and doesn't sound even remotely top 40. The Get Ahead have also become a family band. They are comprised of two married couples (one of whom recently had a baby) and a longtime friend. You can sense that level of closeness and community in their music.

You can listen to "Deepest Light" below. Deepest Light is also the name of their upcoming album, which will be out April 26 on Jullian Records. For more on The Get Ahead, check out their website.

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