Friday, March 1, 2019

Sebadoh - "celebrate the void"

I've been an obsessive fan of Sebadoh for decades now. I even have always liked The Sebadoh. When I heard rumblings on social media about an upcoming album, I couldn't wait to finally hear new music from one of my favorites. Today, we have a new song! "celebrate the void" starts off very differently from your typical Sebadoh song. For the first half it's a straight up power ballad, which I don't think anyone would expect. Sure, Sebadoh have done slow songs and ballads before, but "celebrate the void" is a power ballad, albeit filtered through the prism of Lou Barlow. Halfway through it switches to a more typical later period Sebadoh song. But any Sebadoh song is guaranteed to be glorious.

You can watch the video for "celebrate the void" below. Act Surprised, the new (!!!!) album from Sebadoh, will be out May 24 on Dangerbird. You can pre-order a copy through your favorite outlet here. For more on Sebadoh, check out their website.

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