Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Holly Macve - "Daddy's Gone"

Photo via Maximillian Kinghorn-Mills

When you hear the latest from Holly Macve, the last place you're going to assume she's from is Brighton, England. "Daddy's Gone" sounds like a modern take on American country and Americana. It sounds like the kind of song you'd hear from Lucinda Williams or Margo Price, not like anything out of England. Even English country doesn't sound as American country as "Daddy's Gone" does. The real appeal of "Daddy's Gone" is Macve's voice. She has just this ever so slight twang to it, and it just drags you in like a tractor beam. It's impossible to resist it, so just let it wash over you and draw you in. Not that you'd want to resist. The track blends alt-country with soul and early R&B in this way that's warm and comfortably familiar, but in a way you haven't quite heard before.

Holly Macve explains the new song:

"It was a few years back when I was on tour in Austin, Texas that I got the call to say my Dad had passed away. I remember keeping this news to myself and quietly shedding some tears whilst trying to figure out my emotions. It was a strange feeling, I didn’t know my Dad and had conflicting thoughts about him. It took me a while to understand how I felt but eventually it came out in this song. Often song-writing is a way for me to understand myself, it’s the best way for me to articulate how I’m feeling and that was definitely the case with ‘Daddy’s Gone’. Sometimes you can feel vulnerable sharing such personal words but I hope that anyone who’s had a similar experience can relate and find comfort in knowing that they’re not alone.”

You can watch the video for "Daddy's Gone" below. Not the Girl will be out May 14 on Modern Sky. For more on Holly Macve, check out the artist's website.

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