Thursday, February 18, 2021

Sara Bug - "Die With You"

Photo by Bendrix Littleton

Last month we became smitten with the indie rock/alt pop/classic country of Sara Bug's song "Rosebank." She's back with a new song that keeps on going with that sound. "Die With You" keeps up the Stef Chura meets Phoebe Bridgers and Dolly Parton sound that we loved with her previous single, but leans a little more heavily into the indie rock side and introduces some psychedelia into the mix. Think late 90's jam band influenced Sonic Youth. Plus, the country edge is explored a little bit more, making this a comforting yet bewildering sound.

Sara Bug says of the new song:

"I wrote die with you, the oldest song on the album, in 2013 on my parents front porch. It seems like a love song, but I don’t remember who it’s about, or if it ever even was about someone specific. In 2013, during some of my darkest moments, I remember thinking a lot about and writing a lot about how badly I desired the approval of my loved ones and even the approval of myself. When I stripped myself bare of all the bullshit, could I stand up straight and tall in the bright sunshine and still be someone special? Die with you was then and still is now, a sort of foreshadowing of what I hope my life becomes."

You can listen to "Die With You" below. Sara Bug's self-titled debut album is due out May 14 on Egghunt Records. You can pre-order a copy via Bandcamp. For more on Sara Bug, check out the artist's Facebook and Instagram.


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