Friday, February 5, 2021

Triptides - "It Won't Hurt You"

Photo by Brad Danner

Normally when we bring you music described as "psychedelic" we don't mean original 60's psychedelia. In the case of Triptides, that's completely what we mean. There is no place this band could be based than California, particularly Los Angeles. Their single "It Won't Hurt You" doesn't sound anything like 2021. It sounds like you found it on a Golden Nuggets compilation as a lost garage rock song from the 60's. Maybe towards the end there is a burst of a modern indie rock guitar solo, but the rest of "It Won't Hurt You" is pure 60's southern California psychedelic joy.

You can listen to "It Won't Hurt You" below. Alter Echoes will be out March 19 on Alive Naturalsound Records. For more on Triptides, check them out on Twitter and Instagram.

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