Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Peggy Seeger - "The Invisible Woman"

Photo by Vicki Sharp

Last week Peggy Seeger (sister of Pete and part of one of the biggest folk music families of all time) announced that she would be releasing what is most likely her final album. She's eighty five and has been making music and touring for seven decades (and was investigated by the CIA in the 50's for her activism), so she's capping quite a career. The first single from that album, "The Invisible Woman," is available, and even if it wasn't from Peggy Seeger, it's a must listen. Normally when an artist gets in their eighties, their voice starts to falter. That hasn't happened with Peggy Seeger. Her vocals on "The Invisible Woman" are strikingly beautiful and powerful. The song is about how our society ignores older generations, but still has an uplifting feel with just the hint of a sense of humor.

Peggy Seeger says of the new song: "My older son Neill MacColl was hesitant for ages about co-writing with me. He turned up at my home one day, laid his 6’1” self along my two-seater sofa and laconically offered a possible subject for a song. ‘The Invisible Woman’ strolled in gradually, wearing clown shoes and lace underwear. We ended up with a song that expressed an uncomfortable new feeling that was creeping up on us both but that echoed the folk songs that I’d sung to him since birth."

You can listen to "The Invisible Woman" below. First Farewell is due out April 9. For more on Peggy Seeger, check out her website.

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