Friday, February 12, 2021

Gentlemen Rogues Cover/Mash Up The Lemonheads/Superdrag/My Bloody Valentine

Photo by Sam Rich

I was all set to bring you the latest single from Austin, TX's Gentlemen Rogues. "Do the Resurrection!" is this great slice of alt/indie/emo. It's an anthemic singalong that is like combining The Replacements and Superchunk. It's absolutely a great song, and everyone needs to listen to it. But then I saw the b-side. "Bloody Rudderless (in Ursa Major)" is described as "... 70% Rudderless' by The Lemonheads25% 'Destination Ursa Major' by Superdrag, and 5% 'When You Sleep' by My Bloody Valentine." "Destination Ursa Major" and "Rudderless" are two of my absolute favorite songs by two bands I truly love. And then you throw My Bloody Valentine in there? It's this bizarre cover mash up medley where the music for one song is sometimes played over the lyrics to another, and then switches around again. For anyone that loves all three of those bands, covers, and mash ups, "Bloody Rudderless (in Ursa Major)" is such slice of perfection. This is the kind of thing I'm kinda convinced was made just for me.

You can listen to "Bloody Rudderless (in Ursa Major)" below. The song is the b-side to "Do the Resurrection!," and you can get a copy here via Snappy Little Numbers. For more on Gentlemen Rogues, check out their website.

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