Thursday, February 11, 2021

Liz Phair - "Hey Lou"

Photo via Facebook

In hindsight, we were all incredibly unfair to Liz Phair around the turn of the century, myself included. Luckily, we're now older and more mature (and have aged out of being insufferable music snobs), so we can enjoy Phair's still incredible musical output. Her new single, "Hey Lou," imagines an ordinary day in the life of Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson. Musically, it fits perfectly in the middle of her more indie fare and her releases that were wrongly hated. This is the kind of musical progression we can all get behind. It's a chilled out, beautiful song that really captures Phair's impossible coolness.

You can watch the video for "Hey Lou" below. Soberish is due out sometime later this year. For more on Liz Phair, check out her website.

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