Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Kid Gulliver - "Beauty School Dropout"

While New England is in the midst of a multi-day snow storm, a new song from Boston's Kid Gulliver is just what we need. "Beauty School Dropout" is exactly what we want from Kid Gulliver. It's outrageously poppy power pop. At times it threatens to cross over into being a little too poppy for my own personal taste, but every time the guitars get a little extra crunchy just to keep this firmly into the rock category. "Beauty School Dropout" is the kind of catchy, fun, summery kind of song we need right now to remind us that warmer weather (and better times) will be back someday, even if it's not as soon as we'd like.

You can watch the video for "Beauty School Dropout" below. The single is available now now Red on Red Records via Bandcamp. For more on Kid Gulliver, check out their website.

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