Thursday, February 11, 2021

Hadda Be - "Another Life"

Since the last time we heard from Foundlings, they dealt with the departure of their original bassist, a new member, parenthood, Brexit, COVID, and a trademark dispute on their name, they've rechristened themselves Hadda Be after the Allen Ginsberg poem "Hadda Be Playing on the Radio." Despite all that, their first single under the new name is surprisingly upbeat. "Another Life" is the kind of song that would have been played on 120 Minutes twenty five years ago and been considered post grunge, but would now be alt-pop. It's power pop with fuzzy guitars, which just might be our favorite kind. 

Hadda Be explains recording their new album: “There’s a vibrancy and an energy to our live shows, a distinct personality that we wanted to immortalise in our debut album. The songs were mostly recorded live, with some overdubs here and there. Due to the coronavirus lockdown restrictions, the recording of the album was delayed twice. By the time we finally managed to get into the studio, we had the songs down to an extent that we recorded most of them in only a few takes.”

You can listen to "Another Life" below. Another Life (the album) will be available April 30 on Last Night in Glasgow. The album can be pre-ordered here. For more on Hadda Be, check the band out on Facebook and Twitter.

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