Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Oompa - "LEBRON"

If you're a Boston based rapper and you name a song "LEBRON," that song better be damn good. This one is from Oompa, so it's obviously great. "LEBRON" might be Oompa's most commercial sounding song so far. In this case, that's a great thing. The song is stripped way down musically while still sounding completely fleshed out. Instead of focusing on beats, the song is allowed to focus on Oompa's flow and vocals. Considering how ridiculously talented she is, this is a perfect choice. It's one of those songs that is kind of laid back (but still intense) musically, but much faster and more intense vocally. Oompa is one of those Boston artists that threatens to bust out nationally with every release. One of these days, there is no way she won't explode to the mainstream.

You can watch the video for "LEBRON" below. For more on Oompa, check out the artist's website.

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