Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Matt Pond PA featuring Nada Surf - "Spaceland"

Matt Pond PA recently got the rights back to their 2015 album The State of Gold. They set about re-recording the album and re-sequencing it. The first redone song available to listen to is "Spaceland." How is the new version different from the original? I'm honestly not sure since the original The State of Gold seems to be pretty much scrubbed offline. The new version features Matthew Caws and Louie Lino of Nada Surf and is a complete expression of pure joy. It's an indie rock/pop anthem that is endlessly upbeat and positive. It's an absolutely gorgeous song that sounds exactly like Matt Pond PA and Nada Surf joined forces to craft an epic.

In an email newsletter to fans, Matt Pond explains the song and new version:

"'Spaceland' was originally the last song on The State of Gold. It's a hazy vision of the first club we played on the west coast, a place where dreams and reality collide — beautiful palm trees overlooking littered sidewalks. We sat on the sidewalk for hours, killing time until the barback opened the gate to let us in.

"Spaceland had a glass smoking room in the back and a Galaga machine next to the bar. I dropped quarter after quarter into that machine while we waited to soundcheck. The green room was a closet, the stage always felt two feet too small. Somehow, the space was perfect.

"When we got the rights back to The State of Gold, I knew that I wanted to change the order and remaster the album. And I knew that I wanted to re-record 'Spaceland' and put it first.

"The song has always felt alive to me. It has an undeniable pulse. Matthew Caws and Louie Lino from Nada Surf found the pulse and gave Spaceland a new life. An uncontrollable smile overtakes my face every time I think about Matthew's new bridge."

You can listen to the re-recorded version of "Spaceland" below. The new version of The State of Gold is due out September 22. You can pre-order a copy here. For more on Matt Pond PA, check out the band's website.

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