Friday, April 15, 2022

Aunt Kelly - "Billboard Lady"

Photo by Georgia Smith

Aunt Kelly is the musical project of Chicago's Kelly Hanneman. Their new single, "Billboard Lady," is a charming and infectious power pop song that is heavy on piano. It's an impossibly upbeat love song that's an ode to Aunt Kelly's drummer Sarah Weddle. It's a huge song that could fit quite well in a stadium, and even sounds like it could come straight out of a (really cool) musical. It's the kind of indie rock meets piano pop sound that you hear in Ben Folds' best songs. 

Kelly Hanneman says of the songs on her band's upcoming album, which were started in 2019:

“Sometimes when you release something so long after you record it, you’re sick of the songs by the time they’re out. I’m excited to be putting this out, it feels great that we still love these songs years later.”

You can listen to "Billboard Lady" below. Remember is due out on June 10. For more on Aunt Kelly, check out the artist's Facebook.

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