Wednesday, April 27, 2022

First Listen: New Releases for 22 April

Artist: Li'l Andy
Album: The Complete Recordings of Hezekiah Procter (1925-1930)
Quick Thoughts: I didn't know Li'L Andy prior to this week, and this is more a concept record done really, really well than anything else. It's got that old timey feel to it, and half the album is filtered in such a way that it sounds like an old Victrola. As a concept album, it's awesome. As music, it's awesome. Give this a listen.
Songs of Note: "Dr Kerr's Ballyhoo," "Jenny Blythe," "In the Roebuck Catalogue"

Artist: Becca Stevens and Attacca Quartet
Album: Becca Stevens | Attacca Quartet
Quick Thoughts: Becca Stevens toured with Attacca Quartet a few years back, and she later married one of the members of the group. This effort takes a number of her songs (and an awesome Radiohead cover) and gives it the Attacca treatment to great results. This album is really great, and good for fans of either or both acts.
Songs of Note: "45 Bucks," "2 + 2 = 5"

Artist: Carla Geneve
Album: Learn to Like It
Quick Thoughts: In terms of country-tinged music with an edge, we can't get enough of it here, and Carla Geneve's debut is probably going to end up in heavy rotation for me. The Australian singer-songwriter has a way with a jook, and this is just such and interesting and often raw record that I'm frankly surprised at how good she's gotten so quickly since her 2019 EP. One of the best listens of the week, so check it out.
Songs of Note: "Brighter Than Blue," "Dog Eared," "Learn to Like It"

Artist: Haru Nemuri
Album: Shunka Ryougen
Quick Thoughts: Haru Nemuri is a Japanese poet and singer who put out one of the most interesting albums in recent memory. It's definitely not consistent in tone or ideas, but the organized chaos is to its benefit because of how singular it ultimately feels. It kept me guessing (and impressed) throughout, and if you're up for something that will make you think this week, check it out.
Songs of Note: "Deconstruction," "Sister With Sisters," "Shunka Ryougen," "Old Fashioned"

Artist: Fontaines D.C.
Album: Skinty Fia
Quick Thoughts: Irish punks Fontaines D.C. are back with a solid, complex listen. I've not always loved their output, but when "Jackie Down the Line" first dropped I became addicted, and "Bloomsday" nearly as much. The album is definitely modern, with an almost post-punk flair, but there's a whole lot to love here on a whole.
Songs of Note: "Jackie Down the Line," "Bloomsday," "I Love You"

Artist: Guppy
Album: Big Man Says Slappydoo
Quick Thoughts: I hate that this album cover gives the impression that Guppy is just another twee-adjacent indie band, because they're so much better than that. I don't think I've heard a more fun listen as of late, and Guppy takes themselves just seriously enough to make all of this work. It's a solid listen in a busy week.
Songs of Note: "A Voicemail to the Mayor," "Smooth Jazz," "Simple Man"

Artist: Kate Clover
Album: Bleed Your Heart Out
Quick Thoughts: I can't remember when "Channel Zero" first came out, but I know I've been waiting seemingly forever for a proper album from Kate Clover. It delivers - there is a great pace and full sound to this record that shows that "Channel Zero" (an A song in any context) was not a fluke. If you haven't listened to her yet, this is the time to get on board, as she should be a name everyone should know if there's any justice left.
Songs of Note: "Channel Zero," "Crimewave," "Daisy Cutter," "Pleasure Forever"

Artist: Abigail Lapell
Album: Stolen Time
Quick Thoughts: We loved Abigail Lapell's previous effort here, so I won't lie: I had high hopes for the follow-up. On a whole, it delivers. One of the things Lapell does well is that transitional moment from verse to chorus, and there are so many songs here that fit the bill, making this quiet folkish listen something truly special. Welcome back, Abigail.
Songs of Note: "Ships," "Scarlet Fever," "Stolen Time"

Artist: Hatchie
Album: Giving the World Away
Quick Thoughts: Hatchie is perhaps one of the more underrated hazy pop acts out there right now. I was absolutely obsessed with her EP Sugar and Spice, and her first album was a worthy follow-up. This album brings some more mature songwriting and some seriously hooky stuff ("Quicksand" could end up being a megahit in the right context), and the album, on a whole, is a wow. Don't miss this one.
Songs of Note: "Lights On," "The Rhythm," "This Enchanted," "Quicksand," "The Key"

Of note:

* The Surfrajettes - Roller Fink (This is exactly what you think it is, and it's great.)
* Simon and the Astronauts and Rachel Haden - Simon and the Astronauts Featuring Rachel Haden (Solid alt rock.)
* Baabes - Baabes (This is really well done.)
* Donatachi - (Pretty fun hyperpop.)
* Spiritualized - Everything Was Beautiful (A welcome return to form.)
* Old Crow Medicine Show - Paint This Town (Solid and consistent, as always.)
* Roger Eno - The Turning Year
* Claire Rousay - everything perfect is already here
* Test Patterns - Modern Font
* Dyr Faser - Poison Charm Sleep Well
* My Idea - Cry MFer
* King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Omnium Gatherum
* Kathryn Joseph - for you who are the wronged
* Tess Roby - Ideas of Space
* Elizabeth Piper - reaching for the sun
* GHXST - Admire
* Charlotte Rose Benjamin - Dreamtina
* Jeanies - Don't Wait for a Sign
* Tamar Berk - Start at the End


* Jaguero - Worst Weekend Ever
* Malin Pettersen - Acoustic Session - Live in Oslo
* Kate Bollinger - Look at it in the Light
* Wet - Letter Blue (Reprise)
* Jukebox the Ghost - Million Dollar Bills
* Amy Dabbs and Coco Bryce - Slightly Involved Vol. 1

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Drunk Dial: Fakes, Vol. 1 (A compilation album of real covers of fake bands.)
* Neko Case - Wild Creatures (Digital-only compilation of some of her best work.)
* Whitney Rose - Rodeos Live
* Dawes - Live from the Rooftop (Los Angeles, CA 8.28.20)
* alt-J - The Dream (Deluxe)
* The Goon Sax - Mirror II (Deluxe Edition)
* Margo Price - That's How Rumors Get Started (Deluxe)
* Yo La Tengo - I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
* Namasenda - Unlimited Ammo: Infinity (Remix)
* Tensnake - L.A. Noir

Also out:

* Bowling for Soup - Pop Drunk Snot Bread
* Stormstress - Silver Lining

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