Tuesday, April 19, 2022

First Listen: New Releases for April 15

Artist: Las Calakas
Album: Hechizo
Quick Thoughts: Having gotten a little more into international music lately, Las Calakas comes out of nowhere to be a really fun listen. They've got plenty of punk influences, to be sure, but there's an element of this being sort of a party record throughout. While songs like "Top Down" won me over in particular, there's really nothing on here that isn't just a good time. I really loved this record, you probably will, too.
Songs of Note: "Top Down," "La Culebra," "Cumbia Maciza 2," "Calentura"

Artist: Savak
Album: Human Error / Human Delight
Quick Thoughts: Savak is a new act for me, but one that came as a real pleasant surprise. They're definitely leaning alt-indie, but my goodness do a lot of these songs hit just right. There is a lot to love here overall, and Savak is an act I'm looking forward to getting back to.
Songs of Note: "No Blues No Jazz," "Set Apart," "Recanted (Free the Singer)"

Artist: Primer
Album: Incubator
Quick Thoughts: Primer is yet another new listen for me, and this is exactly the sort of synthy poppy stuff I'm down for. This is an outstanding record with a lot going for it, and while I don't have a lot to say about it, it's worth the listen this week.
Songs of Note: "Things Fall Apart," "Feel the Way I Do"

Artist: Dear Rouge
Album: Spirit
Quick Thoughts: I've been a fan of Dear Rouge for a while now, and it feels like it's been a minute since we got an album from them. This is a pop record with a lot of catchy tracks across the board, and serves as an excellent reminder that Dear Rouge should be a lot bigger than they are. On a whole, a truly great album this week.
Songs of Note: "Facedown," "Small Talk," "Relationship Problems, "Meet Me At the Rio"

Artist: Camp Cope
Album: Running With the Hurricane
Quick Thoughts: Camp Cope does folky stuff on this record, for sure, but there's a sort of raw urgency to it that sets it apart and is likely, in part, informed by their prior punk leanings. When I listened to this one, I was taken by the overall presentation, and I especially love what they're doing with the bass lines in particular. On a whole, this album has the chance of flying under the radar, and you should really give it a listen.
Songs of Note: "Caroline," "Running with the Hurricane," "Love Like You Do"

Artist: The Honey Dewdrops
Album: Light Behind Light
Quick Thoughts: A shout-out to this rootsy/bluegrassy record, one that continually surprised me through its whole runtime. There's a level of ability and maturity in the songwriting that sets it apart, and it's got more than its share of folk influence to make it truly special. Make some time for this one.
Songs of Note: "Delia," "Luck"

Of note:

* Justin Golden - Hard Times and a Woman (Solid rootsy music.)
* Kurt Vile - (watch my moves) (Some great moments here.)
* JATK - Shut Up and Be the Light
* The Crystal Method - The Trip Out
* Typhoon - Underground Complex No. 1
* Animalweapon - Set of Constraints
* 50 Foot Wave - Black Pearl
* GRAE - Whiplash
* Sophia Bel - Anxious Avoidant
* Soul Glo - Diaspora Problems


* Old Crow Medicine Show - Gloryland
* La Neve - History Solved
* Otoboke Beaver - Super Champon
* Peach Kelli Pop - Hardcovers
* Mal Blum - Ain't It Nice
* Gish - Febris / Felidae / Filum

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Flock of Dimes - Head of Roses: Phantom Limb

Also out:

* Real Bad Man - On High Alert, Vol. 4
* SAULT - Air
* Cremation Lily - Dreams Drenched in Static
* The Chronomaster Project - The Android Messiah
* Jewel - Freewheelin' Woman

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