Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Cloudbelly - "Leavened"

Montague, MA's Cloudbelly have been meandering around the line between folk and electro-pop since we discovered them last year, and that sound has never been quite as defined as it is on their newest single. "Leavened" is a beautiful and lush track that has all of the melody and feel of a folk track despite not sounding as organic as folk. If a folk festival had a rave-like chill out room, this is what would be playing in it. The song is as unique and experimental as it is familiar. As fascinating as the music is, the real treat with "Leavened" is principal vocalist and songwriter Corey Laitman's vocals. This is the true centerpiece of the song and is what will have you coming back for repeated listens.

You can listen to "Leavened" below. thou / them is set for release this Fall on Signature Sounds. For more on Cloudbelly, check out the artist's website.

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